Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review: Quarter Share

Quarter Share, by Nathan Lowell

This book starts off sad, and the rest is all happiness. It's about a slightly above average Joe named Ishmael Wang. After he loses his mom in an air-car crash he finds himself in a real bind. His only real option is to join up with the merchant trader fleet, and the rest of the story is all about him learning about being a spacer, feeding people omelets and drinking coffee while perfecting interstellar flea market trading. All the while he's achieving new "ratings" which will let him be able to be hired for a higher paying job on pretty much any merchant vessel. This is a feel good book about space travel/trading and reminds me a bit of Midshipman Hornblower (which is referenced, briefly, in the early book) and for anyone who wants a book that will be an easy read, a quick read and an uplifting experience, this book is for you. 4/5

And no, I still don't know why I like it, it's nothing like any other book I've ever liked, something about the writing of +Nathan Lowell I makes this book so enjoyable. I don't think I'll ever find another book like this. a book that I can enjoy reading over and over again even though I know the whole story by heart. I'll be reading the next one soon, it's a bit down the list but I'll be sure to run through the entire six book series on here, and since I've read them all at least once, that should tell you something. This whole series is available on  and is free, though if you enjoy it, consider passing on what it would have cost you through audible it's worth it. 

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