Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Bunch of quick reviews! 1984, 2001, Stranger in a Strange land etc...

Well I've read a lot more books than I've reviewed, so in an effort to catch up I'm going to do a bunch of quickies in one post

1984 :

Though Orwell's novel, 1984, deserves more than a quicky, i don't really have time and really you don't need a long review. This distopic novel is an anthropological experiment in a fictional future. I got about half way through the novel hoping that the "big brother" government got overthrown, after that I just wanted the main character to live through to the end of the novel. At the end was a sad revelation. Sorry, George, I betrayed YOU! 5/5 must read

Stranger In a Strange land :

Well, Heinlein I'll give you more props for the next book I read of yours; "Starship Troopers" which was far superior to this novel. Stranger in a strange land was too convoluted and impossible for me to not be pulled out by the unbelievable characters, government, laws, people, etc... It was not a waste though, it was a decent enough novel, read if you don't have anything else waiting in your bookshelf. 2/5

2001; a Space Odyssey,

Mr. Clarke blew me away with this novel. Ranging from the distant past to a potential future (year 2001?) this is an awesome read and a must for any sci fi fan 5/5!

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