Monday, January 21, 2013

2/100 Mistborn Trilogy: The Hero of Ages

This is the third book in the Mistborn Trilogy, and it is following up two very good books. I won't go into those here, I'll just focus on the third (riiiiiight). Anyway, the book is great. 5/5 in my estimation. It had it all, action, suspense, an intelligent magic system (I'm a stickler for a good magic system) and characters that each had character arcs that spanned all three books that were compelling.

The writing style is vivid, descriptive and keeps you in the story. In fact the very start of this book begins with a description of one of the "steel inquisitors" which is a person who has been impaled by many spikes through their body, including one in each eye socket. kinda makes me tingle in my scaredy parts.

The story starts shortly after the last one ended, and concludes in a nearly shakespearian tragedy style. I mean that pretty much all of the major characters die. SPOILER ALERT! too late? ah well, I warned ya last time. anyway, you'll never guess who ends up being the hero of ages, go ahead. Nope, nope, not him, not her, nope, wrong again. Well I told you you wouldn't guess who it was. Moving on...

I love love loved the action scenes in this book, especially the one where she's... alright I won't spoil that for you, but it's pretty great. Well I've pretty much covered everything in this book, so in conclusion, if you like intelligent magic systems, convincing characters, a great world with an original feel, a long long read, and captivating action scenes with twists that are hard to see coming (if you're not paying attention to the little things), get this series, read it, love it, and remember to thank me when you do.

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